Signs Your Home May Need a Roof Plumber

The thought of having to engage in roof repair or replacement is enough to send shudders down the back of any homeowner. This is because typically roof repairs require a lot of money depending on how extensive the damage is. Thus, it is not surprising that thoughts of having to repair your roof are usually accompanied with dread and anxiety. To avoid all this, you need to take measures towards roof maintenance, as this will catch any issues before they become exacerbated. The most common cause for roof repairs is water damage. The good news is that there are a few signs that you can look out for to ensure that you do not require extensive roof repairs. Here are some of the signs that will indicate you need the services of a roof plumber.

A leaking roof

This is the most common symptom of water damage. There are a myriad of reasons why your roof may begin to leak. The first would be the improper installation of the moisture barriers located below the parapets of your roof. Another reason would be poor installation of the flashing on your roof. Your roof may also spring a leak if its seams were not welded tightly in place. If you notice leaks from your roof, it is best to enlist the services of a roof plumber post-haste. This professional can then establish what the cause of your leaks are and remedy the problem before it begins affecting the rest of your home.

A sagging roof

Another sign of water damage on your roof would be a dip in its structure. One of the signs to look out for on the exterior would be a sloping roof. You should also check the interior of your home, as the rafters tend to also sag due to the excessive weight. This sagging of your roof is usually caused when the shingles are absorbing too much water. As such, they become heavier, thus exerting more downward pressure, hence the sloping and sagging rafters. A roof plumber can determine why there is excessive moisture collecting in the shingles. Typically, sagging roofs will need to be replaced but enlisting the services of a roof plumber will ensure that the problem does not persist.

An overflowing gutter

Overflowing gutters are a sign that water is not draining properly. This could either be due to debris trapped in them or poor installation. The problem with overflowing gutters is that they become heavy over time and may pull away from the roof altogether. Enlisting the services of a roof plumber will ensure that your gutters are cleaned thoroughly, thus avoiding any further water damage.

If you notice any of these signs, contact a local roof plumber, such as those at O'Boyles Roof Plumbing, today.