Commercial Roofing Tips: How to Clean and Maintain Your Gutters

Even with high-quality roofing materials installed on your commercial roof, you still need to keep up with cleaning and maintaining the gutters. The gutters and downspouts help keep rain and debris from remaining on the roof, but those gutters can get clogged, which would increase your risk for ice dams and other issues. Here are some easy tips to follow when you need to keep your gutters maintained.

Make Sure You are Safe and Protected

Before you start cleaning out the gutters, make sure you do so safely. Start by having a sturdy, high-quality ladder. The ladder should be tall enough so you can walk directly off the ladder and onto the roof or to reach the gutters without having to reach or climb up on the roof. Make sure you don't stand on the top rung of the ladder, as this is meant to hold supplies; it is not sturdy enough to hold an adult's weight. You may want to choose a ladder made of fiberglass, as they tend to last longer and can hold more weight. Also wear slip-proof shoes and other protective gear when cleaning out the gutters.

Clean Out the Gutters

The first step to maintaining your roof's gutters is removing debris. If the debris gets built up, it can clog the gutters and keep water from going down them. This may lead to ice dams as the water sits in the gutters where it can freeze in the winter. Put on gloves and physically scoop out the leaves, branches, and other debris. Have a bucket nearby to dump the debris. Also clean out the drainpipes and downspouts if you find debris there as well.

Wash the Gutters With a Hose

While scooping the debris from the gutters is a good place to start, it also helps to rinse out the gutters with a garden hose. This will help get rid of the last bit of debris and remove any dirt buildup you weren't able to get out by hand. It is okay to use a small amount of pressure, but don't use too much. A high-pressure nozzle might cause damage to the gutters. Keep the pressure low and try to clean out the gutters while seeing if it is enough to remove the remaining dirt and debris. Gradually increase the pressure of the hose until you are happy with how well it is cleaning. Make sure the downspouts are cleared before rinsing the gutters so the water doesn't overflow from the downspouts.

If you notice any damage to the gutters when cleaning them out, contact a professional roof repair specialist. They can make the necessary repairs for you.