Roof Repairs | 3 Telltale Signs Your Roof Shingles Need to Be Replaced

Your roof is vital for protecting the interior of your home from the elements, so you will need to ensure that it is in the best possible condition at all times. But, roof shingles can give trouble over time, which may indicate the need for roof repairs. This guide will help you identify some telltale signs that your roof shingles need to be replaced. You will need to use a ladder to get onto your roof for identifying these problems.

Clawing Shingles

Clawing shingles are noticeable wavy distortions on your rooftop. If you notice roof shingles curling or clawing, then this is a clear sign that your roofing system is ageing. Excessive heat and wind over time will cause the roof shingles to warp and curl, which will eventually lead to interior damage in your home, thanks to leaks and cracks. Poor shingle installations and underlayment are also common reasons for shingles to claw or curl. If you notice the shingles clawing, you may need to engage the services of a roof repairs expert to replace them immediately.

Misplaced or Shattered Shingles

If you get up on your roof and notice that some shingles are either shattered or missing from the rooftop, then you will need to engage a roof repairs expert immediately to prevent any damage to your home's interior. Misplaced or shattered shingles will leave your roofing system susceptible to cracks and fractures, which, in turn, may cause water from rain to leak inside your home. Shingles typically break or go missing because of excess wind and rain, so be sure to check for this problem as often as possible to protect the inside of your home.

Shingle Particles Making Way Into Gutters

If you look inside your roofing gutters and notice that they are filled with particles from your roof shingles, then this is a clear sign that your roofing system is starting to wear out. Roof shingles tend to lose some of their particles as they age, so you will need to replace them with new shingles to protect the interior of your home. If you notice your roof shingles darker in some places, then it is another sign that shingle particles are wearing off. Shingle particles typically wear off in areas exposed to direct sunlight, which indicates the need for replacement.

Keep in mind that you should replace worn out shingles before they cause any damage to the interiors of your home, so be sure to call a roof repairs expert, such as Ultimate Roofing and Guttering, if you notice any of these telltale signs of shingle damage.