Save On Energy Costs This Summer: Ditch The Asphalt Shingles!

Metal roofs have been in existence since the onset of civilization. Over time, tests have proven that a metal roof can adapt to extreme weather conditions such as searing hot summers or the unforgiving cold winters. It has outshined its competitors, quite literally. Also, you can customize a metallic roof to allow the beauty of the finish complement its surroundings.

What's the big difference? Here's how it saves you money.

Have you been running high costs of cooling your home in summer? Look up; that's where your doom and redemption lies. Asphalt shingles are notorious when it comes to absorbing heat during hot summer days. This could be seen as an added advantage, as the extra heat keeps your nights warmer. But the day constitutes most of the fun moments, so why not cool those afternoons and catch your favorite episodes on your couch? Metal roofing minimizes heat gain by reflecting radiant heat from the sun, saving your energy needed for air conditioning. This can also be attributed to the dead air gap left between the roof and the plywood, which provides added insulation.

Choose wisely; once it's done, it's done!

There is a wide variety of attractive metal finishes. However, settling on the best finish can be a daunting task. A roofing expert will come in handy to help you narrow down your options to getting that dream house you have always pictured. You can choose from painted, stone coated and ceramic coated metal roofing. Painted roofs have that extra layer of protection against rust which locks out moisture and oxygen. They come in a variety of colors which you can choose from. Inquire from an expert to ensure that these are galvanized with an extra layer of zinc for increased durability. Ceramic coatings are made from paint mixed with ceramic beads. They are attractive and come in different colors. Stone coated tiles are a sweetheart, as the natural stone finish blends effortlessly with the environment.

Experts do it better!

Whether you are fitting on a new roof, replacing roof sections or renewing your gutter, consult professionals for that expert finish. Go for the metal roofing contractors with a record of experience. Inquire on their previous projects and weigh your options. The best company should offer a guarantee and a low-cost maintenance service for a few years, which varies for different roofing finishes. Stay cool while the summer sun shines brightly.