Selecting The Roof Type For A Granny Flat

When selecting a granny flat kit for a build project, there are several factors to take into consideration, and the roof type is a key factor that can alter the appearance of the finished building and the main dwelling. Whether the granny flat is detached or adjoined to the main residence, the roof type should be selected with the roof type and style of the main house in mind. The roof of the granny flat should not stand out from the surrounding rooflines, as this tends to draw negative attention to the building, and some residents may fear this will negatively impact property value. Here's an overview of three roof types that are commonly available with granny flat kits:


Hip roofs are characterised by each of their four sides sloping down at an angle of at least 15 degrees. This gentle slope is enough to allow concrete roof tiles to be used, if desired, and it ensures the roof can easily withstand harsh winds and heavy rainfall. Hip roofs are a popular choice for residential properties, which makes them a popular choice for granny flats, but the additional height added by this type of roof will need to be taken into consideration when seeking planning permission.


Gable roofs tend be the cheapest option available with granny flat kits, and the simple design, which consists of two sloping sides that meet at the highest point of the roof, makes gable roofs easy to install. These roofs have a low incidence of water damage, as rainwater just runs off the slopes, but they can stand out in sharp contrast to any surrounding roofs that are flat or have a gentler slope.

Single Skillion

A single skillion roof can be installed on an attached granny flat. The single, gentle slope projecting downward from the side of the main house is subtle in appearance and can minimise the impact of the new addition on the immediate landscape. Single skillion roofs have a steel roof coating, so they are not the cheapest type of roof, but they are aesthetically pleasing.

When researching granny flat kits and deciding on the roof type, ensure your choice complements the type of roof installed on the main house. If you're unsure of the best roof choice for the project, ask the kit company to look over the plans of the main house and create an illustration of the selected granny flat with the type of roof they recommend to complement the existing property.