Tips When Planning a Roof Painting Project

Virtually any kind of roofing material can be painted, from tiles to metal sheets. Repainting a roof will refresh your home's kerb appeal, and it's much cheaper than a roof replacement. Here are several tips to consider if you're embarking on such a project.

Cost Factors

Your first step may be to get some quotes for roof painting. Several factors will influence the price given. For example, the roof size will obviously affect how much paint is required and how long the job will take. The roof structure is also relevant. A complex roof with multiple ridges and valleys will take more time, increasing labour costs.

Safety comes at a cost also. If your roof is steeply pitched or your house is two storeys high, painting contractors may need to hire a hoist and construct safety barriers. Also, check what specific areas are included in each quote you receive. For example, does it include gutters, downpipes, eaves, and the fascia? Some prices may be lower than others, but they don't cover as many areas.

Energy-efficient Roofs

Painting a roof can improve a home's energy efficiency. After all, the roof spreads over a vast area, and it faces the sun. Every centimetre provides a surface area for solar heat to penetrate and transfer to the rooms underneath. To prevent this, you can use heat-reflective paint. While this may cost more than standard products, your home will be cooler in summer, and it will require less air conditioning. The colour also affects heat transfer. Paler shades reflect more light than dark ones. Thus, you can create energy-efficient roofing simply by choosing a light paint colour.

Paint Roof Colours

The most fun aspect of painting a roof is choosing the colour and transforming the appearance of your house. To avoid a chaotic look, stick to the rule of three, taking into account all exterior areas. The external walls may cover around 60 per cent of the building, the roofing might be about 30 per cent, and the trim about 10 per cent. Choose three colours that harmonise. If you're painting the roof only, note the wall and trim hues, and pick a third colour to suit.

Coastal style houses, for example, might combine off-whites and dusky blues. Alternatively, Mediterranean homes may unite white with terracotta or bright blue. You could otherwise go for sleek charcoal, pale grey, and white. Drive around the nearby streets and notice the exterior colour palettes that you prefer.

Reach out to a professional who paints roofs in your area.