Four Signs a Granny Flat Kit Is Right for You

Building a granny flat with a DIY granny flat kit is a great idea for many reasons. It's quick, simple and budget-friendly. This article explains four signs that a granny flat kit might be a great idea for your back garden.

You Want to Move in an Older Relative

This is the most common use of a granny flat, and where the name comes from. There are many reasons a granny flat is ideal for an older relative. It allows them to have their independence and privacy while also being part of your family life. It also allows you to help them with tasks such as laundry, cleaning or cooking without inconvenience.

You Want to Create a Workspace or Studio

Perhaps you don't want to move anyone in, and instead, want some privacy for yourself. A granny flat kit can be quickly constructed in a matter of days and placed at the bottom of your garden where it's quiet and serene. This is perfect if you want a place to work on writing, painting or other art, or simply want an office space where you won't be distracted. Granny flat kits typically have one or two bedrooms, which can easily be converted into offices or studios.

You Need a Spare Bedroom for Guests

Do you have guests visiting soon, and have no idea where to put them? Are you tired of having to share living space with guests? A granny flat kit might be the perfect solution. You can quickly build your granny flat kit before guests arrive, and then they have a safe, comfortable place to stay. Both you and your guests can have space and privacy, meaning they're sure to love their stay.

You Want to Make Money with a Holiday Let

Finally, your granny flat kit might end up actually earning money for you. They are cheap to buy and construct compared to the costs of hiring builders but are nice enough that they could be great holiday accommodations for guests. This is an especially good idea if you live near the beach or in an area that tourists like to visit. Take a look at similar properties online and see what they offer and what they charge.

Whether you want to look after your granny, create space to work, host family and friends or simply make some money, a granny flat kit is a great idea. Speak to providers of DIY granny flat kits in your area to discuss your needs. For more information on granny flat kits, contact a company near you.