Your Skylights Buying Guide: Which One Should You Choose?

Skylights are excellent additions to your home with many benefits. They add natural light to your interior spaces, promote ventilation by letting in the fresh air, promote solar heating and add an aesthetic value to your home, among other benefits. Typically installed on the roof, skylights come in many different types and are made from different materials. However, finding the right option for your home may not always be straightforward. Therefore, knowing the different types of skylights you are likely to find in the markets often goes a long way in understanding what would work best for your home.

2 Common Signs Your Roof May Need Replaced

How long your roof will last is dependent on a number of factors including the roofing material, the climate and rainfall levels. An aging roof that's not addressed can cause significant and costly problems, such as dampness in your home and mould growth. A damaged roof can also make your home less energy-efficient, as there will be an increase in the movement of air in and out of your home. Understanding the warning signs that your roof may need replacing can help prevent damage to your home and allow you to plan for a complete replacement rather than having to navigate emergency roof work.

Need to Protect Your Home From Rainwater? 3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Seamless Gutters

Rainwater, snow, and ice are three of the major threats to your home's structural integrity. The role of your roof is to keep these three elements away from the walls, attic, basement, and foundation. Gutters are your best solution for gathering the rainwater on the roof and leading it away from the house.  There are two main types of gutters, the traditional sectional kind and seamless gutters. Seamless gutters are continuous, meaning that one gutter runs the length of your roof from one corner to the other.

Selecting The Roof Type For A Granny Flat

When selecting a granny flat kit for a build project, there are several factors to take into consideration, and the roof type is a key factor that can alter the appearance of the finished building and the main dwelling. Whether the granny flat is detached or adjoined to the main residence, the roof type should be selected with the roof type and style of the main house in mind. The roof of the granny flat should not stand out from the surrounding rooflines, as this tends to draw negative attention to the building, and some residents may fear this will negatively impact property value.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Reroofing a Home

Reroofing a home usually means adding a layer of new roofing material over the existing roof versus tearing off the current roof and installing new shingles or tiles. Reroofing is often much more affordable than an entirely new roof, and it may be a good option for your home. If you know you need some roofing work done, note a few questions you might discuss with a contractor to see if reroofing is the best choice for you.