Answers to Some Commonly Asked Questions About a Roof Coating

When your home needs a new roof, you may not need to have the old tiles torn off and new shingles or tiles installed. In some cases, you can have the home's roof sprayed or coated with a type of substance that dries and hardens and provides the covering your home's roof needs. This can often be done right over your existing tiles or shingles. If you're thinking about getting a new roof for your home, note a few questions you might have about a roof coating and then discuss these with a roofing contractor if you still need more information.

Causes of Defects in Fibre Cement Siding

Fibre cement siding provides an attractive way to protect exterior walls from the elements. However, fibre cement siding may develop some defects after it has been installed. This article discusses some of the causes of those defects.  Installation of Wet Fibre Cement Siding It is normally advisable to reject a delivery of fibre cement siding if the sheets are wet. Those sheets may become wet if their packaging is damaged during shipping.

Signs You Need to Call a Commercial Roofer

If you manage or own commercial property, you know the importance of keeping each aspect of the building in good condition. This includes paying close attention to the roof and knowing when it is time to call a professional for maintenance or repairs. Here are some signs to keep an eye out for. Signs of a Roof Leak  One of the main signs that you might notice with your roof is when you have a leak inside your building.

Trusses You Can Consider When Embarking On Roof Replacement

When homeowners consider their roofing, they typically think of the materials that the roofing is made from. Not many will put a thought into the roof trusses of their residence. Roof trusses are the structural frames in the roof's foundation that function to harness that strength of your roofing's triangular shape. There are different types of roof trusses you could choose for your residence. If you are considering roof replacement, the following are some of the trusses that you could contemplate.

Roof Renovations: Consider Reflective Roof Paints to Reduce Solar Gain

Roofs are amongst the greatest culprits of heat transfer in your home. Dark-coloured roofs retain much of the sun's heat, which is then radiated into your home. If this happens during the summer, you may end up spending more energy on air conditioning. Reflective roof paints are the latest invention in the roofing industry, which can help reduce energy waste due to increased cooling needs during the hot weather. They can keep your home cool without overworking your air conditioning unit.